Saturday, January 20, 2007

This is Part II of last week's essay, though I suppose it can stand on it's own. Roger is a made-up name, by the way. I'm protecting his anonymity because I'm fairly certain I know what it's like to be alluded to on myspace, and as much as I dislike it, I'd prefer that over an overt mentioning of my name.

Begin story: I grew up with this guy named Roger. From about the fifth grade on, I've known him. In high school, Roger was the best at everything. He was the best lover, the best fighter, the best at hacky-sack and yo-yo. At least, this was his delusion.

After high school, something happened. He was born-again. Old Roger, fighting Roger, lady-killing Roger was gone. This was Roger, "New & Improved!!!" He dropped dating from his life, altogether. Started going on missions trips. Spoke in tongues. All very awesome, I suppose.

Three or four months after his conversion, I noticed something. This New & Improved Roger, while certainly better than the "I'm-a-better-fighter-than-you-Roger" that grew up with, hadn't changed as much as I thought. As it turns out, he's still better than me, it's just a different kind of better. All of a sudden, he's begging to lead worship. And why not? He's the best singer in our group. Because he's been on a mission trip, he's certainly the most spiritual, right? "Oh, and by the way, did I mention I just recieved the gift of prophecy?" Not surprising. Last week, we did a study on First Corinthians 14:5.

Initially, this blog was going to continue the previous one, expanding on the theme of an earthly aristocrat becoming a spiritual aristocrat. Instead, I've decided to turn this magnifying glass around and put Jeremiah under the lens.

High school, 1998. I'm in alot of trouble and for more than one reason, I'm sure. I think I was accused of everything that year and at least half of it was probably true. Bringing a knfe to school? Yeah, but blown completely out of proportion. Fixing the ROTC iconon our school's computer to read "eROTiC"? Yeah, that too. Kissing guys for money? That's one charge of which I'm pretty sure I was innocent. Long story short, I had a problem with authority.

Now I'm a Christian, and I still have a problem with authority. The more I read about the Protestant Reformers, the more I grow to like them (with a few exceptions). Even today, when I see stuff in church that I disagree with, it burns me more than it probably should. Is this the seeds of discernment within me, or am I just continuing in a new kind of rebellion?

The answer, as far as I can tell, is both. Yes, I have a bit of a rebel in me still, but it's fed by discernment (I hope). What makes this beast good or bad is the fruit. If I use this characteristic of mine--I'm reluctant to call it a gift--to cause division, then that's bad, and I'm only a little better off than I was in '98. If, however, I use it to bring about Godly change, then maybe there's some hope for me yet.

So you tell me, especially those of you that know me, good or bad?

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