Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We're out of Romans and into I Corinthians (1-4). Let's begin, shall we?

1:8 If this verse were proof of Preserverance of the Saints, it would be important enough to warrant soem detail, and not left as a brief note couched in a statement of thanksgiving.

1:10 As in Romans 16:17 this verse speaks against division, a regular theme of Paul's.

1:18 "Being saved." This is not an event, but a process, at least. It could be construed as a destination.

1:24 This is a reference to "the called," both Jews and Gentiles, but it's obviously referring to Christians.

1:26 Not many of you were noble, most were weak, but were still called. God can use anyone.

2:11 Understanding of the deepest things comes from the Holy Spirit. This is Christianized Platonic philosophy, in a way.

3:10-15 "Fire will test." This particular verse is one that is used by Catholics to support the idea of Purgatory. Contextually, this is a verse referring to the immovable stature of the church.

4:6 This is a verse I want to look into more: "Do not go beyond what is written." I assume that this means that we should not make up our own rules in an attempt to become righteous, as the Pharisees did.

4:15 This is another reference to Paul's usage of the idea of spiritual heredity.

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