Saturday, March 03, 2007

As some of you may have noticed, I had no notes on I Corinthians 16. The chapter consisted of "How to take an offering" and a few updates and greetings. While I'm always on the lookout for places where Paul is sending someone somewhere (as I mentioned BEFORE), I didn't see anything of note, here.

This blog begins my study of II Corinthians.

II Corinthians 1:21-22 This verse is often quoted in support of Preservance of the Saints, but the problem with such an assertion is that the text does not qualify the Holy Spirit's presence as an inalterable state. The word "seal" as it is used in the Greek, indicates only a mark, not an impenetrable barrier. The presence of the Holy Spirit is our guarantee of what is to come but this verse does not comment on what would happen if one quenched or blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

2:15 Paul gives a dichotomy here: those being saved and those perishing. This indicates that both salvation and damnation are processes the reach completion only in death.

3:1-2 No diploma is necessary fir ministry.

3:6-7 Another reference to the Law bringing death. If not, the Paul is simply being dramatic.

4:13 Saving faith is belief in action.

5:5: As in 1:21-22, the Holy Spirit is our downpayment/deposit on Heaven. This time, Paul adds an admonishment not to grieve the Spirit, because He is our guarantee. Without Him, the "deal" is void.

5:10 Judgement will come to all for the things done on Earth. Here is where we are either accepted or denied.

5:14-15 Christ died for all.

6:2 This verse is a novelty in that it is one of the few verses in which salvation is not regarded as after death only. The exception is possibly due to either A. the fact that Paul is quoting Isaiah or B. Paul is stressing the immediate need for Christ and the danger or procrastination.

7:5 At this point, Titus is in Macedonia.

7:10 Speaking to Christians, Paul says, repentance leads to salvation. The construction of this verse inplies that, though Paul was writing to Christians, those Christians were still in need of repentance.

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