Friday, August 01, 2008

Vigilante is now officially my next project. I've started building the framework--number of chapters, average word per chapter requirements, order of events, general outline--I have a few plot issues to work through and a couple spiritual things to work into place.

Here's the general idea. Vigilante is going to be the story of a big city crimefighter who loves his city, but leaves it when he's offered a documentary deal with the Law & Justice Channel. the show bombs miserably, and he returns to the city to resume his duties. In essence, it is a retelling of The Prodigal Son which, in turn, was Christ's illustration of the Jewish nation's displeasure with the Gentiles' acceptance of righteousness.

I plan to spend another week on brain-storming before I actually put finger to key (because no one puts pen to paper anymore). Hopefully I'll get that part finished soon. She hasn't said anything, but I'm fairly certain that my wife isn't too happy that her brand new dining room table is covered with the little squares of paper I use to put my plot in order.


Leanne said...

She will be when you get the first big, fat check from your book deal ;)

When Vigilante returns to his home city they'll reject him, right? Like, they'll be all, "Why should we welcome you NOW when we needed you THEN and you were nowhere around?"

Just thinking :D

Jeremiah said...

Actually, the mayor serves in the elder brother role. Brianna Lass (along with the city populace) is the "father."

Leanne said...

See? THIS is why I read your stuff, Jer. I NEVER outguess you and that's sayin' something ;)

Jeremiah said...

My biggest concerns now are to not jeopardize the original meaning of the parable.

Pete Aldin said...

Yeah, baby. Lookin' forward to readin' that!